1/2 HP Power Brush

Friday, June 09 2017, 01:38 PM
I had this 1/2 HP motor stashed for years, it's a new motor, I bought two of them at the time.

This 1750 RPM 1/2 HP power brush replaces a 1/4 HP furnace squirrel cage motor power brush I used for many years to clean rusted steel, threads and remove paint. It's portable but it's rubber feet cause it to stay put, never once do I remember it moving from applying pressure to the brush. It's a good handy tool that has saved me time and improved my welding. I believe I used a 10" eye bolt for attaching it's adjustable tool table and two Crosby cable fasteners to hold the angle iron table on. It has a six inch crimped wire brush, an eight inch brush caused to much vibration.



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    Wednesday, June 14 2017, 10:41 AM - #permalink

    Just wish there was a guard over the top of the brush to keep the bristles from hitting your face.

    Don't ask how I know this happens!!
    I love my job!

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